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My name is Brittany Talissa King. I am a freelance writer, journalist, and writing instructor at Indiana University. I studied under author Ta-Nehisi Coates, which broadened my scope on the art of language. I graduated from New York University, receiving my Master’s in Journalism (Cultural Reporting and Criticism) in 2019. I’ve been published in The Republic, The Daily Beast, Washington Square News, Forward Magazine, Fractyll Magazine, Tablet Magazine, ZORA magazine, Digital Diplomacy, and I’m a featured writer on Medium.  




#American Shade

I created #American Shade with Brittany King as a platform that champions free speech, free thought and open debate – values that I believe play a pivotal role in improving race relations in America.

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Brittany's Writing

America has a performative problem. CBS is only one of many. Editor’s note: Since the publication of this story, The Activist TV show has been totally reimagined in light of the criticism lobbed at CBS. That said, the author of this piece points out issues that will continue to loom large in society as content creators …

The current state of America is one for the history books. It’s the 4th of July, Mitt Romney has marched with black liberationists, the NFL has apologized for opposing racial protests, and NASCAR has banned the Confederate flag from their franchise. But bigger things have occurred; over 25 million Americans have crowded the streets in protest …

A Letter To My Niece

Inspired by James Baldwin’s, “A Letter To My Nephew.” Dear Sinclair, About 60 years ago, one of my favorite writers wrote a letter to his nephew, with whom he shares the same name, James Baldwin. This piece was published on the 100th anniversary of Juneteenth. A celebration our ancestors created to commemorate their exit from …

The world is shouting the name of George Floyd, sparking an outbreak of protests across the globe. In America-from Minneapolis, where he died, to southern Georgia, across the east and west coasts, jumping abroad to Berlin, Germany, and London, England. Even though we’re still fighting COVID-19, millions of citizens have braved the streets against our …

We’re twenty weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic and 75 days post-George Floyd. The street-marches for justice have not ceased, but the actions to eradicate racial inequality have popularized through conversations assembled on virtual platforms and social media, making this current discourse a novel marker in American history. And since black Americans finally have the world’s …

We cannot dismantle race, but perhaps there’s another way to escape it. For the last decade, many Americans have steadily fought the structure of race to achieve a united-country and post-racial state — some opting for colorblindness, and others challenging the historical bias attached to skin color. Even right now, as we’re surviving a novel pandemic, the …

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